Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Alliance in battlegrounds, pt. 3

A few weeks ago, I posted my Random Battleground statistics, and offered common speculations as to why the Alliance performed so poorly. Later, in a second post, I explained my own theories on the issue.

Now, here is a third post, with more numbers, and confirmed theories.

New statistics
Here are my win ratios since the 1st post. I am only including matches in which I played after my original post.

Alterac Valley:
18 out of 58 (31%) games won.

Arathi Basin:
32 out of 46 (70%) games won.

Eye of the Storm:
38 out of 58 (66%) games won.

Strand of the Ancients:
21 out of 42 (50%) games won.

Warsong Gulch:
66 out of 87 (76%) games won.

124 out of 291 (60%) games won.

The numbers look a lot better than in my original post. In fact, now I am winning more battlegrounds than I am losing.

External changes
The theory in my 2nd post proposed that the issue behind the Alliance's poor performance was population. The general lower population of Alliance players on the realm meant that most battlegrounds started with an imbalance of players (particularly Alterac Valley). Furthermore, the bigger the battleground, the more difficult it is for one player to make a true difference.

What has changed?

Recently, the developers at Molten-WoW have written new scripts for the battleground system, providing much improved balance. Now, all random battlegrounds begin with a near-equal amount of players. This has greatly helped the Alliance, which suddenly doesn't find itself feeling like the 300 Spartans trying to fight off an army of Persians.

The developers also rewrote some of the script in order to lessen the frequency of Alterac Valley popups. Many players complained that they were invited to Alterac Valley matches twice more often than to any other battleground. This isn't the case anymore.

Personal changes
Additionally, my gear has much improved since then. I am now equipped with full Wrathful offset gear, a Wrathful weapon and offhand, Wrathful leggings, and 4 Relentless set items. I've almost 31k HP unbuffed, and have slightly over 1.3k resilience.

Now, I can defend Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm bases much more effectively. I have personally carried the WSG flag 115 times, at the time of writing this. These things make a difference, particularly in the small battlegrounds. Furthermore, I avoid Alterac Valley and Strand of the Ancients, my two least favorite battlegrounds. Alterac Valley used to be, by far, my most-played battleground, and also the one with the worst win/lose ratio. Playing it less and winning it more has also helped the statistics.

The Alliance isn't that bad. In fact, it looks as though we may be even with the Horde. Great!

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