Sunday, November 28, 2010


On my first Moonkin, my two professions were Enchanting and Herbalism. I'd picked both of these up before I really understood the world of professions. I never regretted Enchanting - once I hit 80, it has positively, erm, enchanted me. Hehe. I loved the ring enchants for both PvE and PvP reasons. Furthermore, any serious player needs enchants on their gear - having the profession saved me the hassle of finding and paying an Enchanter every time I had a new piece of gear. Herbalism had Lifeblood, but the utility was nowhere near as good as those provided by main professions.

On my 2nd Moonkin, I picked up Enchanting again, but this time chose Jewelcrafting as my secondary profession. The prismatic gems were very appealing. However, due to an epic case of laziness, I never got it past Journeyman. My Warrior alt is a miner, and I figured I would obtain the required materials through him, but never really got to it.

Three days ago, I decided - screw Jewelcrafting, go Engineering. And then I think I set a small record: I unlearned Jewelcrafting, trained Engineering, and skilled it up from 0 to 450 in about three hours. I concede, however, that I was greatly helped by my alt, who not only had a bank full of bars (until the Mithril level), but also an entire, unused guild vault at his disposition.

Oh, crap. I forgot to explain that one bit. Long story short: I was guild master of The Lightbringers. The guild was small and most of the members were inactive. I was invited to a somewhat serious raiding guild named Mutual Hatred. I brought along my active members and disbanded Lightbringers, leaving only my alt as the guild master. As a result, I inherited 800g and four guild tabs of materials.

So after three hours, 3k gold spent, and many, many relogs between my main and my alt, my Engineering was 450. And so far, I'm loving it. Here are some of the perks that come with the profession:

 I think that's it for this post. Cheers :)

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