Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome to Owlkin Frenzy

Because this is my first Owlkin Frenzy post, I figure I should post a bit about this blog and myself.  I'll get to personalizing the design of the blog later, when I've decided just what I want to do with it (definitely something Moonkin-y).

As you may have guessed if you're a World of Warcraft player, this blog will be dedicated to talking about Balance Druid-related .. things.

History of my character
I started playing WoW in December 2009.  That's pretty recent, though I feel like I've gathered enough knowledge about the game - and my class especially - not to be called a newbie.  By some stroke of luck, the first character I made was a Balance Druid, and I ended up loving it.  I hit level 80 four months later, and really I haven't been serious about any alts.  I chose the name Clov, short for Clovis, which wasn't available.

Now, I hope I won't lose any credibility saying this, but so far I have only played on Blizzlike private servers.  I don't have the money to play on retail at this point, though I plan to make the switch some time in my future.

The first server I played on was Spermik.  Though the server was plagued with bugs and crashes (mostly following patches), the developers made their best efforts to remain as Blizzlike as possible, which is what I wanted.  No custom items, no high rates, no bonuses for donators.

Unfortunately, the content was sub 3.1.  The only raid open was Obsidian Sanctum, and the highest level gear available was 213 (with the exception of OS25+2D, which drops 226 gear).  PvP gear was at the Hateful level with Deadly off-pieces.  When I joined, the highest gear scores were in the 3900s.  When I finally quit, only 3 people had above a 4k gear score.

Recently, my girlfriend's brother (we all played together at Spermik) was temporarily banned for an unknown reason, and he switched to the Molten WoW private server.  My girlfriend ended up doing the same, and I followed suit.  Molten has 4 realms - one of which, Frostwolf, is completely Blizzlike except for a 3x rate, which I'm okay with because I don't see the problem with getting to 80 three times as fast when all I'm doing is leveling a Balance Druid again, and I've already done that the hard way.

At the time of this post, my Moonkin on Frostwolf just hit level 48.  I have to admit, it felt really good when I hit 40 and was able to change into my form again.  I'm one of those people that walk around in Moonkin Form even when it's not needed - I don't care if I can't see my armor, show me the feathers!

Hopefully I will hit 80 pretty quickly, and I'll be able to gear up - past tier 7 this time.  Everything on Molten is open and scripted, including ICC, so I am definitely looking forward to it.

Spermik: OS 10 + 1 drake
This is the only WoW video I have made thus far.  As you can see, there's a few bugs, such as incorrect buff stacking.  Also, a mistake from my part when I stand in the void zone :s  That said, I'm quite proud of my UI (which has changed some more since then).

Clov - PvE
This is my Moonkin on Spermik as I left it, in his PvE gear and spec.  The shoulders and weapon are incorrect - I have others with more hit that I used for 82+ bosses (I was almost hit-capped).

Clov - PvP
Same thing, except for PvP.  I had over 16k honorable kills.  Arena rating was irrelevant because of the nature of the server, and only in the last days did I really compete in rated matches.

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  1. Very nice, I'm also a member of Molten-Wow. You remember me from the forums as Fairblade or Bloodcripe. I really liked the story behind you Mr. Clovis, but I would love to know your Gearscore on Molten.